Things I ride by on my way to work…

The Divis Tower

more delays

Sorry, but my internet provider dropped the ball, so it’ll be another 2 weeks before we get high speed at home. i may die. In the meantime I’m at work, but don’t want to make a bad impression so don’t expect much

More madness

We booked a last minute trip to Portugal, where we spent the last 5 nights. It was, of course, magnificent. Portugal may be the nicest place on earth. And of course, pictures will follow once I get highspeed at home, which should be the middle of next week. I start work on Monday, so wish me luck!

Making progress.

Sorry for the lack of posts, but it’s been a crazy week. Basically both Kate and I now have jobs, a place to live, and an insured car. We’re moving in to the new place tonight (it’s near the Upper Ormeau Road for those inclined to search for these sorts of things) and seems pretty nice. I’ll have to figure out the electric shower, that’s always fun. Kate’s going to be doing care work in an old people’s home for people with early to mid dimentia, which she seems happy with, I have no idea why. I’m still in the IT industry, which is good, and the pay is about the same as home, but with better holidays and lower taxes, so that’s even better.┬áSo things are settling down a bit. On the plus side I should be getting high speed sooner rather than later now that we have our own place. I need to do a bit of research to see what’s the best deal as you can get it packaged up with a variety of different things (ie phone line, mobile phone, cable tv), and then they’ll need to get us up and running, but hopefully that won’t take too long. Then: photographs!