To the hospital

Ella had her first late night trip to the hospital last night, which is possibly even less fun than it sounds. Turned out to be croup, but wow did it come on suddenly. She went to bed with a slightly runny nose and a slightly raspy voice, and woke up almost unable to breathe. These are the moments as parents that we’ll always treasure: the blind panic, the ineffectual patting on the back, the whispered ‘everything is going to be okay’ like I’m some sorta doctor and know about these things, etc. What fun.

Anyway, they gave her steroids and she was fine. I’m hoping she’ll now grow up to be a professional baseball player.

Artist’s rendition of last night’s events:

They referred to her breathing as stridor, which totally sounds like the bad guy out of a He-Man episode. Also, reading that Wikipedia article, they could have given her nebulized cocaine, so maybe she could have grown up to be Charlie Sheen! That’s an opportunity lost in my book.

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  1. Oh boy did I have to laugh under my breath. I don’t know if it worked but I had to try… that photo is excellent. Ella’s bout of croup is not so excellent.

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